Knittex Company

Who are we?

We are a family company located in the center of Poland, Lodz, that produces hosiery for women, children and men, which was set up in 1982. All production processes starting from design take place in a factory in Łódź. In Poland, you can find our products in monobrand points (Port Łódź, Galeria Północna, Warsaw, Wola Park, Warsaw) and many multibrand stores and warehouses throughout the country. We are also present in dozens of countries around the world.

The quality is our priority.

How did we began?

The founder of the company was Krzysztof Szarski, a graduate of the Faculty of Textiles at the Lodz University of Technology – passionate and visionary. Initially, a small company was involved in sewing knitwear. Half of Poland was then in a hit product – men’s polo shirts in light olive color with slanting green stripes. The entrepreneur, however, with time decided to change the profile of the company and bought the first hosiery machines.

What are we specializing in?

In the production of tights, of course. For women and for kids. In women’s most interesting part of our offer are patterned tights, usually made in the most modern and advanced 3D technology, which makes the products very flexible, perfectly fit to the body and also very smooth in its structure. The children’s specialty is viscose tights, with our flagship product – Agatka. Children love them because of their softness, ease of putting on their feet and the wide range of colors.

What makes us different?

Above all, a very reliable approach to the subject of quality. The quality and comfort of use is our priority. No even the most interesting idea will enter production if it would mean creating something interesting in appearance but not particularly good quality. Our second distinction is to do extraordinary things, sometimes even touching on handicrafts.